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The Society, as a voluntary association of appropriately qualified persons, is incorporated under the provisions of the Corporations Law of the Commonwealth, in accordance with its objects:

The Society keeps abreast of relevant legislative, industry and educational standards, including those concerned with occupational health and safety, flexible delivery, recognition of prior learning, and equality of access.

It maintains:

Assessment Procedures

The Society’s assessments are based on the competencies in BSB07 Business Services Training Package and are designed to determine whether a candidate can demonstrate the target competencies.

The Society’s examiners select a representative range of skills and knowledge from the national documents when composing CESA examinations. In addition, the Society conducts examinations in other skills, the possession of which is implied by but not included specifically in the standards. Those skills also are identified in CESA syllabuses.

The Society’s examiners are aware of and follow nationally approved assessment procedures.

The Society reviews, evaluates and adjusts its assessment methods and requirements to ensure the validity, reliability, flexibility and fairness of its assessments.

Assessment Information

The Society, in its syllabus documents, newsletters, and related documents, provides clients with detailed, accurate, relevant, and up-to-date assessment information.

How Does One Become an Approved Examination Centre

This can be done by making an application on the prescribed form. Copies are available from the Society’s office or its website. A fee of $200 is payable for initial registration. Approved centres may also apply to be issued with a certificate of their registered status. Annual registration is required with a fee of $50.

Examination centres must submit a minimum of 50 candidates per year in order to remain registered.

Approved CESA examination centres are regularly sent details of examination matters.

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