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Examination Name Based on Competencies
Business Financial 2 (BF2) BSBFIA301—Maintain daily financial records
Business Financial 3 (BF3)
BSBFIA301—Maintain daily financial records
BSBFIA303—Process accounts payable and receivable
Communication Structures 2 (CS2)
BSBCMM101—Apply basic communication skills
BSBWOR203—Work effectively with others
BSBCUS201—Deliver a service to customers
Communication Applications 3 (CA3)
BSBWRT301—Write simple documents
BSBPRO301—Recommend products and services
MSMOPS212—Use organisation computers or data systems
Computer Concepts (CC)
There are no equivalent competencies
Customer Service (CUS)
BSBCUS201—Deliver service to customers
BSBITU203—Communicate electronically
Database Fundamentals (DBF)
ICADBS403A—Create basic databases
Database 3 (DB3)
BSBITU301—Create and use databases
ICADBS412A—Build a database
BSBITU302B—Create electronic presentations
Powerpoint Presentations (PPP)
BSBITU302B—Create electronic presentations
English Language Fundamentals (ELF)
BSBITU102—Develop keyboard skills
Keyboarding (KB)
BSBITU307—Develop keyboaring speed and accuracy
Keyboarding—Elementary (KDPE)
BSBCUE204—Collect data
Office Practice Fundamentals (OPF)
BSBCCO203A—Conduct customer contact
Office Practice 2 (OP2)
BSBCCO309A—Develop product and service knowledge for customer contact operation
BSBINM201—Process and maintain workplace information
BSBINM202—Handle mail
BSBWOR202—Organise and complete daily work activities
BSBCUE309—Develop product and service knowledge for customer engagement operation
BSBITU202—Create and use spreadsheets
Spreadsheets 2 (SS2)
BSBITU304—Produce spreadsheets
Spreadsheets 3 (SS3)
BSBITU201—Produce simple word processed documents
Word Processing 2 (WP2)
BSBITU303—Design and produce text documents
Word Processing 3 (WP3)
BSBITU309—Produce desktop published documents

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