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Commercial Education Society of Australia


The Society has a membership of 300 capable people involved in all areas of the improvement and development and implementation of vocational education and training. These members encompass skilled practitioners and specialists, corporations, industry and professional bodies.

Membership is open to any person of good character who supports the Society’s work in vocational education and training. Members are committed to high standards and thorough assessment in the commercial/vocational sector. Members are entitled to use the distinguishing letters MCES.

The Fellowship category (FCES) is open to persons who have distinguished themselves in commercial/vocational education and have a record of support for the Society and its objectives. If the requirements have been met, members may apply to the Council to become a Fellow.

The Society encourages its members to present new and innovative ideas, and practical ways of turning these into action.

Student Membership is open to successful candidates in CESA examinations, who wish to be kept informed of CESA activities and, in particular, of the opportunities for obtaining higher qualifications.

Make enquiries from the Society’s office, or download the membership application form and send it to us.

For membership as an examination centre refer to Examination centres in the Examination section.

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