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From the President
Kathleen McKenzie

Kathleen McKenzie

This issue of the CESA newsletter has a nostalgic theme as well as an encouraging article for the future.

Old shorthanders will be especially interested in the stories from former students who sat for the CESA examinations in all subjects—shorthand, typewriting, bookkeeping, office practice and business English. It may even bring some memories back to a lot of you.

The articles are simply written showing the success that came from sitting for the CESA examinations. They also show the success these past students have achieved in their working life. I personally know all of them.

The last article is about the future of technology as a teaching tool. The article talks about how technology can invigorate the classroom and how it can be integrated into the tasks set by the Training Packages. This is an insightful article and a encouraging one. Janet, the author, has taught in both private and public vocational education and training institutions and this gives her a greater perception into the problems faced by many teachers when confronted with the ever changing and upgrading of technology.

Please feel free to send in your contributions for publication. Tell us about your vocational/commercial training, what you are doing now, or the twists and turns in your career path that led to your present job. You may want to tell us something about yourself or you may want to tell other CESA members what it is like living where you live.

I hope that you enjoy this issue of the CESA newsletter.

Kathleen McKenzie MAA FCES FRSA FIPS
August 2013

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