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Ramasamy Mahalingam Gerald

I have derived the greatest satisfaction from the many years of faithful and loyal service in the Civil Service because I was given the opportunity to make the best use of my abilities between undergraduate level employment experience (clerical, procedural and supportive) and graduate level employment experience (managerial, executive, instructional and research). I retired as a higher grade Corporate Support Officer in the Istana on 8th July 2000. President S R Nathan awarded a Certificate of Appreciation on 20 March 2001 for my thirty-seven years of faithful and loyal service rendered to the Civil Service.

In my present capacity as a Financial Consultant, I offer Financial Intelligence Training intended to help young adults to develop an intelligence and knowledge of basic financial management to prepare them for working life. I teach accounting skills to foreign students in MOE-registered Aestral Private School. Students are big consumers and show a lot of innovation and intelligence in their projects. There are definitively relevant ideas that can be picked up and implemented in the market.

Currently, I am among the members of The Organisation of Senior Volunteers (The RSVP ProGuide) offering consultancy services in select areas reflecting the skills of our membership. I am also a PA Trainer, registered with the People's Association, extending my services in their 'Partnership in Community Learning' in CCs/Resident's Committees. I have completed the ACTA competency-based training programme in 2010 to deliver training programmes and assessment.

I have earned recognition as a Competent Gavelier by completing the Communication and Leadership Program manual in 2006 offered by Toastmasters International and gained valuable communication skills that benefit me in many aspects of my life.

I have a DLCC, Diplomate from the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry, an MSc from Western Pacific University, and I am a Licentiate of the Cost Accountants' Association, UK.

Secure Future Productivity
Ramasamy Mahalingam Gerald

The way we live today is actually the result of choices made yesterday and the day before. Decisions we make today will certainly help determine the quality and direction of our life tomorrow. Isn't this true in raising our children and in our family life as it is in our business? My generation was taught to place our obligations above our rights, whereas today's generation place their rights above their obligations. Hence the difference between yesterday's happy and today's unhappy children based on wise and unwise decisions made by their parents respectively.

There is a measure of ignorance in all knowledge because nobody knows all in all. Denying this ignorance and closing ourselves off to new knowledge, new insights and new understanding is to remain a slave to ignorance. As a result, it breeds apathy and indifference. We lack the perseverance even to protect our children from beliefs and practices that could do them harm.

We do make mistakes. It is ok if we learn from our mistakes. But it is not ok to repeat those mistakes and denying our children protection from those mistakes. Some parents deal with needs and problems as and when they arise. This so called "crisis parenting" has its limitations and gives rise to dire consequences beyond parental control and leaving their children in the lurch.

We should have reasonable and appropriate expectations for our children to feel confident, secure and self-assured and mindful of their significant goals in life. Children who understand this become successful adults—in all aspects of life—because they have acquired strong, positive mental additude about life and people. They expect the best, assume the best and seem to get the best with their sense of commitment, dedication and prudence. They reckon the world is an oyster to culture their pearls of wisdom with their "can do" spirit.

Therefore, the spirit of the past and the endeavour of the present generations come hand in hand for a meaningful, relevant and fulfilling future generation to scale new heights of productivity.

Ramasamy Mahalingam Gerald
June 2012

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