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Happiness at Work—Jeremy

Today’s companies focus less on work–life balance and more about how work mixes with life. Organisations aim to combine values to unite the team and strengthen the business.

Companies foster productivity and loyalty because they favour results over input. They do this by creating policies that focus on the wellbeing of people as individuals, and then as workers.

Companies know that productivity is improved, and enthusiasm and creativeness improved when people are given recognition, acknowledgement and praise for a job well done. By being approachable and giving practical and helpful suggestions, companies can give people the opportunity to improve. One example is appointing mentors to ‘new starters’.

Many companies have introduced video conferencing or Skype so that teams can work together more productively. This gives employees a feeling of being a real part of the team and not just an email name.

Ever been caught out with a low battery for your phone? Everpurse is a purse/handbag that doubles as a phone charger.

Remember that not all perks have to be money centred to make employees feel happy and productive.

Glassdoor, the employer ratings site released their Employee Choice Awards 2014 and found the following emerging themes:

Glassdoor, 2014, 50 Best Places to Work

What does your company do to make you feel purposeful, connected and valued?

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