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The recommendations made here are intended to be a general guide, and, irrespective of the resource material used, students must satisfy the Examiners that they are competent in the area prescribed by the syllabus for the subject. Candidates might find it advantageous to avail themselves of library resources in order to determine the combination of materials on which they will base their studies. Some books in this list are out of print but they are included here because they are useful references and copies may still be available from some libraries.

Due to updating of reference material, this list is published separately from the syllabuses, but should be read in conjunction with them.

Useful websites — all subjects

  1. Aspire Training and Consulting
  2. National Occupational Health and Safety Commission
  3. Standards Australia
  4. Dymocks Booksellers
  5. Tilde Publishing
    From the home page go to TAFE. The site contains useful exercises and instructor notes for word processing, database, spreadsheets and desktop publishing. Resources for office practice, bookkeeping and business communication are also available.
  6. Blue Pond Training
    Up to date and relevant computer training materials are available.
  7. Pearson Education Australia

Dictionaries — all subjects

Occupational Health and Safety — all subjects

Work Environment — all subjects

Proofreading — all subjects


Office Technology

Computer Concepts

Word Processing
Electronic Presentations
Integrating Business Applications Software

In addition to the websites detailed above:

Business Financial and Payroll

Business Communication

  1. Writing and Presenting Reports
  2. Writing Technical Documents
  3. Dealing with Conflict
  4. Communicating with Customers
  5. Writing in Plain English
  6. Writing at Work
  7. Negotiation Skills
  8. Writing Skills
  9. Communicating for Team Building

Office Practice


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